Below are the different and most used equipment used by Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal events cause energy disturbances across the entire electromagnetic spectrum (from the low-frequency infrared through the visible light spectrum, into high-frequency ultraviolet energy, and on to x-rays and gamma rays). It seems paranormal events tap into existing energy sources around us to manifest in our reality and disrupt the natural (or background) energy levels. These unexplainable fluctuations are genuine evidence of paranormal activity. There are seven main categories of electronic detection equipment used by investigators to capture these energy fluctuations associated with paranormal phenomena: EMF Detectors, Temperature Sensors, Static Electricity & Ionization Detectors, Motion Detectors, EVP & Listening Devices, RF Detectors, and Radiation Monitors.

EMF Detectors: Three kinds of instruments are generally used to detect electro-magnetic fields (EMF). They are the electric field, magnetic field, and radio frequency (RF) meters. The favorite for most paranormal researchers are the Multi-Field Meters, which measure two to three of these fields at once. They usually feature a fast reacting needle gauge, at least two sensitivity scales, and are very easy to use. Other meters monitor the combined magnetic and electric field strength and are known as Gaussmeters (or Teslameters). The ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) models are best for paranormal research. For monitoring microwave and radio frequencies and also help detect hidden sound or spy equipment, the paranormal researchers make use of RF Meters. It should be noted that all gaussmeters, electric field meters, RF/microwave meters, etc. can only measure the strength of the field at the location of the meter. The meters can be placed in stationary positions or used like mobile probes while walking around during an investigation. What distinguishes one meter from another is the sensitivity (or the smallest field strength that the meter can detect). For instance, a gaussmeter with a sensitivity of 0.1 mG (milligauss) is ten times more sensitive than a meter that can only detect down to 1.0 mG. While a more sensitive meter can be successfully used further away from the source of the field, it is still only measuring the weaker field at the location of the meter. In looking for a more sensitive meter, compare the minimum sensitivity rating of one meter to another. How effectively a meter can detect a field depends on the strength of the field at the source, the pattern of radiation from the source, and the rate that the field decreases with distance (1/d, 1/d², 1/d³, etc.). Some EMF sources may have symmetrical field patterns, some may not. A single-axis detector is sensitive to the field directly in front of the probe and must be rotated during use to find the proper orientation to the source field being measured to get accurate readings, while a three-axis detector is sensitive all around the probe and is omnidirectional.

Temperature Sensors: Cold spots are another manifestation the depletion of energy by paranormal events. Since coldspots are short-lived and tend to move about, conventional thermometers are not fast enough to record the phenomenon. The accepted way to check for cold spots are instant-reading infrared digital thermometers. It is best to add a laser pointer to these meters for good aim, in which case all the investigator has to do is point and shoot to get instant temperature readings of surfaces 10 to 50 or more feet away. For ambient or background temperature readings, a common thermometer or thermocouple device is sufficient. A motion detector is another very handy tool for paranormal research and can be used to trigger recording equipment. Using invisible infrared beams or vibration sensors, a motion detector can be used to remotely detect moving objects, opening doors and windows, and even the appearance of hot spots.

Static Electricity & Ionization Detectors: Paranormal activity can ionize the air to produce negatively charged particles called ions. This phenomena is easy to measure with an air ion counter. Static electricity and ionization emit light when the source field discharges into the air. Also, high ionization levels sometimes indicate the presence of radioactivity, and a geiger counter survey might be indicated in such cases.

EVP & Listening Devices: It is possible to actually listen to EMF energy levels and patterns, and sometimes this proves a very effective means of investigation of paranormal events. Although it is less quantitative, it provides immediate and very personal feedback. Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) have been picked up on just about any common recording devices from radios and tape recorders to televisions. For paranormal research, the best tool is a digital recorder that can be uploaded directly into a personal computer for analysis.

RF DETECTORS: Radio frequency meters measure in the general range of 1-4500 MHz (or 4.5 GHz). This a range of the electromagnetic spectrum used for communications and the devices can be used to to check for cell phone activity, concealed bugging devices, remote cameras, etc. Sometimes paranormal phenomena have been associated with the lower range of RF signals as well as short bursts of high energy microwaves. Microwave energy has also been detected in conjunction with UFO close encounters. It is known that human cells generate low RF frequencies, although there is no proven  scientific explanation for why it occurs.

Radiation Monitors: Radioactive objects sometimes emit a greenish light as well as scintillating white sparks (visible only in complete darkness) and more than once have been responsible for alleged "hauntings." On the other hand, spontaneous radioactive events have been associated with genuine anomalous activity of all sorts. Researcher have found that fluctuations in background radiation indicates a disturbance in spirit energy. Radiation is also associated with UFO close encounters. 

MISCELLANEOUS INSTRUMENTS: A variety of accessories used to record and enhance data collected during a paranormal investigation. Includes pocket field viewers,  portable oscilloscopes,  data loggers, and computer programs. Note: AC and automobile power adapters are readily available from Radio Shack for battery powered meters.



The standard TriField Meter is the only class of meters that combine AC magnetic and electric field measurement with radio/microwave detection in one package. This three-axis meter combines all these unique features with affordable pricing for fast, reliable measurements of electromagnetic pollution. It is the classic ghost hunting meter used by hundreds of paranormal researchers worldwide. It features continuous sampling analog readout, omni-directional electric and magnetic sensitivity, two separate scales for magnetic field readings, and hand-held portability and simplicity.  Easy-to-see large analog readout; 3-axis electric & magnetic sensitivity for fast surveys; 2 separate scales for magnetic field readings; hand-held portability and simplicity. Extremely wide frequency response. It is a favorite of professional and hobby paranormal researchers and is often featured in paranormal TV shows. Completely self-contained. Nothing else to buy, no parts to lose. 9V battery included. With instruction booklet. (Technical note: The magnetic and electric field settings of this meter are frequency weighted from 30 to 500 Hz, and calibrated at 60 Hz (a 50 Hz calibrated unit is available as a special order). What this means is that a 2 mG magnetic field at 60 Hz will read "2" on the meter, but 2 mG at 120 Hz will read "4". From 500 Hz to 1000 Hz, the response is flat ±20%. Above 1000Hz, sensitivity decreases with increasing frequency. More Information.

Frequency: 50Hz-100kHz AC | Magnetic Field Range 1: 1-100 mG | Magnetic Field Range 2: 0.2-3 mG | Electric Field Range: 5-1000 V/m | Frequency: 50MHz-3GHz |
Microwave Range: 0.01-1 mW/cm² | Display: needle gauge | Power: 9V (included) | Other: adjustable threshold audio alarm


This amazingly sensitive device has become the favorite portable instrument of professional paranormal researchers around the world. So highly sensitive it will detect the presence of body parts and approaching storms. What makes this unit so useful for paranormal work is the squelchable audio tone which alerts the user to activity in the vicinity of the meter. Several meters can be placed throughout a location unattended to track the movement of activity. In the Magnetic setting, the unit has a sensitivity of 2.5 milliguass, which is less than 0.5% of the earth's field. In the Electric setting, it has a sensitivity of 3 volts-per-meter, which is well below the level at which static electricity (10,000 volts-per-meter) forms. This setting will alert the investigator to the earliest stages of paranormal manifestation. For instance, the formation of a cold spot of only 0.1 degree Fahrenheit less than ambient temperature requires 40 billion times more energy than this meter's base sensitivity. Obviously, the meter can detect changes in electrical potential long before they become obvious to people. It will even detect approaching thunderstorms and the presence of a person behind a wall. Just having someone "zap" the unit with their hands from a distance will set off the audible alarm. The alarm tone is proportional to the amount of change in the field and can be set for any desired threshold. The unit also measures radio and microwave waves from 100 khz to 3 ghz in milliwatts of energy. For example, leakage over 0.2 millwatts around your microwave oven door is above the acceptable industry safety standard.  In the Sum position, the instrument constantly measures all of these fields and sounds an alarm if any of the fields increase or decrease. Therefore, the unit can be left on and serve as bedside alarm or used for on-site passive monitoring of all energy fields.


With German-engineered ergonomic design and 11 LED light bar scale (3 green, 4 yellow, 4 red), this multidetector can do it all. This unit detects electric and magnetic fields with extremely high sensitivity, very high range and accuracy too! It features and Integrated, switchable frequency filter to allow monitoring of high- and low-frequency fields (VLF and ELF) separately and and integrated speaker to show if preset high threshold setting are exceeded (these alarm settings cannot be reset). The LED display makes it ideal for ghost hunters who must work under dark conditions.



This little meter is a convenient way to locate EMF and microwave energy simultaneously. Reads microWatts and milliGauss. Completely simplified for the non-technical user. Just turn it on and the meter will tell you about the status of both AC magnetic fields and microwaves in the vicinity. Intended for health surveys with 3 LED lights which indicate “safe-green”, “caution-yellow”, or “warning-red”. Covers 50 Hz – 3 GHz. Magnetic sensitivity: Green (less than 2.5 mG); Yellow (2.5 - 8 mG); Red (more than 8 mG). Microwave sensitivity: Green (less than .02 mW); Yellow (.02 -.1 mW); Red (more than .1 mW). Requires 9V battery. Made in USA. 1 Year warranty.

E.L.F.-ZONE Gauss Meter

This is the most popular meter in this category and it is a favorite among beginner ghosthunters. Three LED lights which are easy to see in the dark indicate ELF (extremely low frequency) magnetic field strength. Three LED lights signal field strength: Green: 0 - 2.5 mG ("little or no activity"); Yellow: 2.5 - 7 mG ("moderate activity"); Red: 8 or more mG ("high activity"). Single axis sensor, on/off toggle switch.


Gauss MasterGAUSS MASTER  Recommended!

This is the classic of ghost hunting equipment. A step up from the ELF Zone in sensitivity, this little meter offers an easy to read gauge, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off make it simple to use and a great way to find magnetic fields. Hand-held, light-weight and durable, with two easy to read scales (0-1 mG, & 0-10 mG), and dramatic audio signal. Our favorite meter for demonstrating the presence of paranormal activity to others. Uses a 9V battery (not included). Calibrated at 50-60 Hz. Also goes by the name "Dr. Gauss." Includes instructions on performing ELF magnetic field surveys. 


This is the smallest gaussmeter available. With the push of a button, this simple and accurate gaussmeter measures the level of magnetic field emitted by all common electrical appliances and equipment. An easy to read 10 LED light bar scale gives readings from 1.3 to 30 mG in small increments. The ElectroSensor has a detection range of 50-60 Hz with an accuracy of ±3dB. A pickup coil in the tip of the unit can be rotated for increased directionality. EMF risk can be avoided if you know where it is. If you are looking for a low cost, user-friendly meter, here it is! AAA battery included. 


This rugged, compact, and lightweight gaussmenter is simple to use; just turn it on and get accurate reliable readings. Perfect for situations needing high resolution measurements of AC magnetic fields without spending a lot of money. Large LCD display reads 0.1 -199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 - 400 Hz. Calibrated to within 4% ± 3 digits at 50/60 Hz. This single axis meter samples every 0.4 seconds when flipped on with slide switch. This is a reliable meter for measuring changes in the EMF field of a location. Requires one 9V battery. One year limited warrantee.

3 axis meterTHREE AXIS DIGITAL GAUSSMETER  Recommended!

True 3-axis sensors insure that measurements remain accurate regardless of the orientation of the instrument, making this the fastest digital gaussmeter to use. Lightweight and self-contained, this unit is ideal for commercial and home use. Applications include detecting magnetic field emissions from a wide variety of sources. This meter is auto-ranging and includes a deluxe carrying case, 9 volt alkaline battery, and a one year mfr. warranty. Amazing high accuracy of ±2% +1 digit, wide frequency response: 25-1000 Hz, covers 0.1 - 511 mG. Accuracy traceable to NIST standards.



This is our most sensitive DC (natural field) gaussmeter. It is so sensitive it can measure the earth's magnetic field with great precision or detect magnetic fields from a distance. It also tracks subtle changes in static magnetic fields. Only 3" x 4" x 7" and operating on common 9V batteries for total portability and convenience plus AC power adapter included for extended benchtop use. An axial probe (High Sensitivity Hall Generator) with coiled cable is included providing nearly linear response from DC up to 60 Hz. Large 3½ digit bipolar display. Four ranges: 0-2, 20, 200, 2000 mG  and a 5% error guarantee. 200mV DC recorder output is included to interface this unit with your PC or recorder.



Cold spots have been associated with paranormal activity since before people were ghosthunting. This pistol-grip meter (with laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy) will measure temperatures from 0º all the way up to 600ºF at a safe distance. Offers an amazing 2% accuracy and a resolution of 1ºF. This pocket-sized thermal scanner measures temperatures down to 0 degrees with amazing accuracy and is considered essential in investigations for measuring extreme changes in temperature and paranormal activity. Takes instant readings by simply pushing the trigger and has a back-lighted display for viewing in dark locations. Use it to instantly measure the IR temperature of walkways, hallways, doorknobs, mirrors or anywhere you suspect some activity. Complete with 9V battery. One year warrantee.



This palm-sized non-contact IR thermometer is perfect for on-site investigations. It features quick and simple temperature measurements using a technique called radiation thermometry. This allows accurate measurement of surface temperatures without contact. Small temperature changes can be easily measured. Measures temperatures from -5°F to 572°F up to ten feet away with single button operation. Reads either °F to °C with a simple double-click. LCD backlight during measurement (auto-off). Instructions in four languages. Battery life: over 2,000 measurements (at 10 seconds per measurement). One year warranty.

Experiment Wizard

Static Electricity Detector

This mulitpurpose tool is one of the few instruments available to detect static electricity. Check any surface or area where you suspect a static build-up. It is also a reliable metal detector. and will detect all types of metal (iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc, magnesium, gold, silver, aluminum, etc.) buried up to 2" deep. Adjustable sensitivity, LED and audio signal feedback with one-hand operation. Made in USA. Uses one 9V battery (not included).



This sensitive instrument Electrostatic Locator measures static charges (DC Electric Field) instantly and accurately in a pocket size meter.  It measures static charges from zero to 30,000 volts and is designed for close and repetitive readings. A unique Quick Zero function which instantly re-zeros the instrument and provides ground compensation for the user.  The analog output indicates amount of charge and polarity.   Features low drift, repeatability + 1%, and an accuracy of ±10%. Size: 4-3/8 " X 2-5/8" X 1-5/16". Weight: 5.5 ounces. Uses standard 9 volt battery with battery test feature. 1 year warranty. Made in USA.





Paranormal phenomena is known to cause the surrounding air to ionize. This hand-held air ion counter possesses the same sensitivity (down to 10 ions/cm²) as meters costing far more. Fully electrostatically shielded, with a fan throughput of 200 cm³/sec, it can make accurate readings even in adverse conditions. This meter can be adjusted to measure positive or negative ions separately. (Negative ions are associated with paranormal phenomena.) Like gaussmeters, negative ions in the air are thought to indicate "spirit energy." This device is sensitive to natural effects like radiation and electrical storms but is not influenced by AC power sources. Uses two 9-volt batteries (included). Made in USA with a 1 year warranty.



This handeld unit detects the buildup of atmospheric electricity from as far away as 40 miles. Paranormal researchers use it to monitor potential electrostatic phenomena. It provides an early warning of natural electrical phenomena as well as approaching lightning strikes and tells if the source is coming your way or moving away. An audible alarm allows you to determine the activity without having to visually monitor the unit and sounds whenever there is an atmospheric discharge of electricity. A corresponding LED light illuminates to indicate lightning at selectable distances of 20-40 miles, 12-24 miles, 6-12 miles, and within 6 miles. The detector is housed in a small pager-like casing that can be clipped on a belt and runs up to 100 hours on a single AA battery.


This device allows you to measure the intensity of sounds from any source. It features a tripo34mount and battery powered, which makes it ideal for field use.  Analog output for connection to chart recorders, dataloggers, etc. Selectable weighting (‘A’ or ‘C’) and response time (fast or slow). "Max Hold" front-panel select switch locks highest reading on the display. 3-1/2 digit LCD display with 0.1 dB resolution. 30-segment analog bar graph. Measures sound level from 40 to 130dB.  Built-in 1" electret microphone for convenient one-hand operation. Complete with 9V battery and carrying case. Dimensions: 2.8x7.2x1.2" (72x182x30mm). Weight: 4.8oz. (150g).


Zap CheckerZAP CHECKER RF METER  Recommended!


This handheld device is a relative field strength meter with tremendous sensitivity and very broadband. Most RF meters use a microwave diode detector as a basis of their detection system and work well at high signal levels, but have limitations at lower signal levels. The Zap Checker's innovative design uses several stages of RF amplification before detection, thereby making it more like a broadband receiver than a field strength meter. This makes the Zap Checker especially suited for paranormal research. The useable bandwidth extends from 10 MHz to more than 4.5 GHz, and can detect even weak transmissions from surprisingly long distances. A manually adjustable sensitivity control allows you to adjust the gain. Zap Checker has fixed internal antennas. Detection is in logarithmic or linear modes. Use the logarithmic mode for stronger signals. In linear mode, the Zap checker picks up the weakest signals for full display. The signal reading is either by analog meter or illumination of colored LEDs, which makes it useful for work in dark areas. The Zap Checker also has a switch enabled silent vibrator mode for situations in which it is undesirable to view the displays directly. Uses uses two AA batteries (not included) for more than 80 hours of use. Weighs less than 5 oz.



This is our most sensitive RF meter and was designed for use by the CIA to sniff out even the tiniest RF transmitter. This meter will detect anything in the range of 1-2500 MHz. Analog readout on a relative scale makes direction finding fast and easy. Simply hold the unit horizontally and point the built-in telescoping antenna in the direction of the suspected source. Sweep 360° to find what other RF sources may be present in a room. Can differentiate between distance sources (such as radio transmission towers) and nearby sources (such as surveillance bugs), which makes it reliable for paranormal investigations. Adjust gain with the length of the antenna and the sensitivity adjustment control. Complete with instructions and 9V battery. Made in USA.



This unit is a really simple handheld broadband RF detector. It can be used to detect some RF effects associated with paranormal events, as well as check for cell phone activity, concealed bugging devices, and microwaves. Feedback is provided by three LED lights: Yellow (no RF detected); Orange (weak RF signal); Red (strong RF signal). The lights flash and an audible alarm sounds as you get closer to the source of the signal. Two external antennas are provided for extended sensitivity. The device is tuned to be especially sensitive at 460 MHz, 900 MHz, and 2.4 GHz (common bugging frequencies), but it will respond to a much wider range. 90 day warranty. Made in USA.

Monitor 4MONITOR 4 RADIATION METER  Recommended!

No ghost hunting equipment toolbox would be complete without an accurate Geiger counter, which is used to search for fluctuations in radiation that indicate a disturbance in spirit energy. This unit features easy to read analog meter, red light count, anti-saturation circuitry, and audible indicator. Uses a very sensitive halogen quenched uncompensated Geiger Mueller tube with a thin mica window. Detects alpha down to 2.5 MeV, 80+% efficiency at 3.6 MeV. Detects beta at 50 keV with 35% efficiency, and 150 keV with 75% efficiency. Detects gamma and x-ray down to 10 keV. Range of 0.02 - 50 mR/hr. Includes 9V battery. 1-year warrantee. Made in USA.



This meter detects beta radiation, x-rays, and gamma rays. Designed for evaluation of ambient dosage of gamma-radiation, it can also can be used by investigators searching for ionizing sources of radiation. The instrument can even detect objects that have been exposed to beta-active radioactive nuclides. The instrument uses the Geiger counter for calculation the amount of gamma- and beta-particles within 40 sec. and indicates the values in .05 - 9.99 µSv/h and 5 - 999 µRem/h on LCD screen. Registration of every particle is indicated by a sound-alarm, which makes it possible use in a search mode. The instrument incorporates the following features: indication of value dimension, indication of sound-alarm threshold, and continuous amendment of indications in proportion as duration of measurement increases. The display is illuminated for use in dark locations. 



This amazing ionizing radiation monitor, used in conjunction with a PC, is a highly sensitive, feature packed, and easy to use radiation monitor. The software included gathers the radiation data and displays it in a unique scrolling bar chart format, which is also saved to a file for later review and manipulation. Includes an alarm system which will alert you to the slightest increase in radiation over any preset level you choose. Will detect, display, and continuously monitor very low levels of ionizing radiation from natural and supernatural background sources. Detects levels as low as 1 microroentgen/hr and up to 100,000+ microroentgen/hr. Measures alpha, beta, x-ray, and gamma radiation. No batteries required. Includes a special serial port adapter that allows you to connect the detector to your computer with as much ordinary RJ11 phone cord as you need for your setup. No modification to your computer's hardware is required. Detailed operating manual and 5 year limited warranty.



This actual radioactive source is a sample of Cesium-137. It is a 0.1 microCi calibration standard mounted in a 1” plastic disk. The half life is 30.1 years. Emits gamma and beta radiation. Use it to test your investigation setup or Geiger counter’s performance. No special handling, storage, shipping, or disposal required. Presents no known radiation hazard to humans.




This versatile digital multimeter (DMM) interfaces with most paranormal research equipment. You can use it alone or connect to your PC with the built in RS-232C serial interface to collect and analyze long term data based on AC/DC voltage (0.01mV -1000V), AC/DC current, resistance and capacitance measurements, and frequency (0.001 Hz - 125kHz). With optional magnetic field probes or electric field and body voltage sensors (see below), you can measure electric and magnetic field strength and frequency over time. Can also be used directly with Geomagnetometer (Item #P3100) or DC Gaussmeters (Item #P111 or #P171). Includes Windows-based software that allows users to determine sampling rate, set HI/LO audible alarms, display data in digital, analog, and graphic formats. Requires only 4MB of computer memory. 1-year warranty. The data logging option allows data collection in the field up to 43,000 data points that can be later downloaded into the program.

This is a great way to recognize patterns in data collection instantly. Connected to an appropriate probe (magnetic, electric or RF), you can measure EMF and see field characteristics in real time. Measure voltages from zero up to 80V AC/ DC and check waveforms up to 5MHz. See spikes, noise, harmonics, and check for unusual EMF phenomena.  Input Impedence: 1 megaOhm//20pF. Timebase Range: 2 micro-s to 20s/div. Sensitivity: 5mV/div to 20V/div. BNC input. Operates on 5 AA batteries, not included.


Pocket Magnetometer


This hand-held device detects strong residual magnetism quickly and accurately. Simply place the test edge near the object being tested, and the needle gauge points to a reading representing the magnetism in the object at that site as well as polarity. Can also be used to check the strength of magnets and DC magnetic fields. Range: -20 to +20 gauss. This device is standard issue for many UFO investigation groups. 



Now you can actually "see" DC magnetic fields emanating from permanent magnets or magnetized metals or extremely strong sources hidden behind walls in a room. You can use this amazing magnetically sensitive film over and over to view the location and number of poles on any magnetic source. Just lay the card on the magnet to see the polar pattern or hold it in strong magnetic fields. Magnetic poles appear as dark areas and the light areas represent where the north and south poles meet. A great inexpensive magnetic detector for finding objects in your environment that have become magnetized. Uses no batteries. Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 4."


This credit-card-sized UV Meter Card is designed with a remarkable UV sensitive strip which changes from white to a shade of purple when exposed to UV radiation for 20 seconds or more. Designed to react primarily to the wavelengths of lights between 290-325 nanometers. The stronger the radiation, the darker the shade of purple. Simply compare on the adjacent color matching chart to see the corresponding level of energy. Intended for UV safety, guidelines printed on the card allow the user to determine the sun-screen SPA level required under the prevailing conditions. Includes a "Lens Tester Spot" that reacts to wavelengths up to 400 nanometers (UVA & UVB) and is used to test the UV protection of eye wear, garments and fabric. Can be reused indefinitely

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